Blue Marble Consulting is a boutique firm specializing in Community Engagement, Customer Experience and Revenue Generation serving:

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  • Healthcare
  • Post-secondary
  • Tourism
  • Transportation
  • Government and Municipalities
  • Private Sector

We are retail consultants, business development and revenue generators, engagement specialists and market researchers.


With over 20+ years of deep practical experience, Ms. Sharma collaborates with clients to discover insights leading to transformational change that reflects the organization’s vision.

Kinga partners with her clients to create the strategy, optimize the approach and tactical plan, and implement the change to achieve the client’s desired goals.

Ms, Sharma is an accomplished executive with exceptional team management, analytical and negotiating skills.  She is innovative in her approach, meticulous in her work, and finds synergies and “common ground” to bring stakeholders together even in challenging, multi-stakeholder environments.

Ms. Sharma has held senior positions with both public and private sector corporations, providing her unique insight into stakeholder needs and challenges.  This background coupled with a history of successful execution on large strategic projects, distinguishes Ms. Sharma in the field of consulting both a strategic and tactical expert.

Kinga ‘cuts through the noise’ and creates flexible, dynamic strategy based on the key drivers of the client, consistently delivery results.


Ms. Hutcheson optimizes her nearly 30 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, business executive and retail strategist to help clients create a remarkable experience for their customers and extraordinary profits for their stakeholders.

Lisa’s consulting practice provides clients with innovation and non-traditional retail strategy along with customer and employee engagement strategies. She supports not only retailers but public sector clients including healthcare, education, transportation and mixed-use developments to create revenue and outstanding customer experience as well as innovation and reinvention models.

Lisa is highly responsive and efficient, ensuring clients maximum productivity.  Lisa spearheads projects, is hands-on and intimately involved in all meetings, processes, tactical executions and decision-making. Her style is personal, innovative, modern and fresh, as are her business solutions.